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Hello! The idea of preventing and/or reversing diabetes is very important to me. My Dad has had Type 2 (adult onset) diabetes for a long time, and I personally wish he would do SOMETHING other than just take medication for it. I’m glad that he has it under control with his medications, but I also personally believe that he could help himself more if he would make some adjustments to his general lifestyle.

Ok, granted, he is in his 80’s, and I’m guessing that he is probably content to continue as he has, but I’m a lot younger than that, and I WANT to make the lifestyle choices that I personally believe will help me from developing full-blown diabetes. It does run in my family, and I’m not going to just sit back and let it happen without a good effort on my own part.

So, because of my PERSONAL (again, note the “personal” here? That means it’s my own opinion, and NOT meant for anything but “information” – see my Terms of Service page!) beliefs, I’m writing about things I’m passionate about. And that includes doing whatever is lifestyle-based in order to help myself. And in the case of this website, it happens to be about doing what I can to prevent and/or try to reverse diabetes in as natural a way as possible.

Thanks for visiting!

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