Eating Alkaline Foods Can Help – One of Our Favorite Recipes!

Yummy Spinach and Cilantro MealNo matter which book I study as I work on learning more about reversing diabetes and obesity without drugs, there appears to be an ongoing theme. Plant based, alkaline foods can help in the efforts to cure or heal yourself.

Now, I’m sure conventional medicine will pooh-pooh this, saying that there’s no clinical evidence about raising the pH levels of parts of the body. I don’t really care. All I care about is seeing results. I have now been noticing a distinct difference in the way I feel on a daily basis when I eat primarily vegetarian. Actually, when I eat more vegan (no animal products).

For example, last night for dinner I made an absolutely amazing, delicious meal that did not have one ounce of animal product in it. And, after we ate, we both felt really, really good. Totally satisfied, and almost… well… almost “happy” – in the sense that for some reason, our moods were lighter, and we felt like our body assimilated nutrition – and that our BODIES were “happy.”

I know this must sound nuts! But every single time we make a vegan or at least mostly vegetarian meal, we are feel better. Plain and simple.

Here’s what we had for dinner – try it yourself! There is an added benefit: It’s a fairly inexpensive meal to produce once you have the ingredients.

We made a dish of Spinach-Cilantro and Lentils. The most expensive ingredient is the coconut oil we use instead of olive oil. You can use olive oil if you don’t have coconut oil – but if you can pick up some Nutiva brand coconut oil, you are in for a real treat! Nutiva is the ONLY brand I use… If you check out my Resources page, you can find the link. Otherwise, just head down this page and click on any Amazon link – it’s MUCH more affordable through Amazon.

Anyway, here’s the EASIEST way to make this meal.

1 cup Lentils – any will do. Sort them to be sure that there aren’t any small stones. Trust me… you do NOT want to chomp down onto a stone. Rinse them, and then boil them in about a quart or 2 of water for about 16-18 minutes or so. You don’t want them too mushy – but you don’t want them too hard, either. I think that a lot depends on the freshness of the lentils. Check them after about 15 minutes and start keeping an eye on them. When done, drain, rinse, and set aside.

1 pound bag of frozen Chopped Spinach. Thaw and squeeze all the excess water out.  You can use FRESH Spinach as well – just make sure you use enough so that it doesn’t wilt down to nothing. Probably one of those large bags or two of the Leaf Spinach you find in the salad or lettuce section of the store. In my store, it’s typically next to the bagged Kale (another one of my favorites!)

2 bunches of fresh Cilantro. Wash to be sure it isn’t “sandy.” Sometimes, when I buy cilantro, it can be a little sandy. You can discard the toughest part of the stems, but basically all you want to do is chop it up. If you are using a food processor to do your chopping (I highly recommend this!), you can use most of the stem.

1 – 2 tablespoons of fresh chopped Ginger AND 1 – 2 tablespoons of fresh chopped Garlic. Chop up a little hot pepper (like Jalepeno) if you like a little “zing!”

2 – 3 tablespoons of Coconut Oil (or Olive Oil).

Fresh juice of one Lemon.

Salt and Pepper to taste.


1. In a large frying pan, melt the coconut oil, and saute the Ginger, Garlic, and hot pepper for a minute or so, stirring so it doesn’t burn.

2. Add the chopped Spinach and Cilantro, and mix well. Heat until the Cilantro is all wilted (and the Spinach is wilted, if using fresh Spinach). ALSO: If you are using FRESH Spinach, you’ll want to cook it down to make sure there isn’t any of the soupy water that sometimes comes from the leaves.

3. Once the Greens, Ginger, and Garlic are well blended and cooked, add the cooked Lentils, and mix it all together so that the Lentils are well distributed throughout the mix. Heat through.

4. Add the Lemon Juice, and Salt and Pepper – stir it all together well.

5. You’re done! Serve in bowls and ENJOY! This is so yummy… And another benefit is that it’s delicious left over as well. Even cold!

Anyway, have that dish – just try it! And know that you’re one step closer to healing or reversing diabetes or obesity or whatever may be ailing you a little more naturally than you did yesterday! 🙂


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