Cut out WHEAT and See How Much Better You Feel

it's not your grandmother's wheat anymoreI just saw something that was kind of alarming AND exciting – all at the same time. I know that this site was originally about talking about how to reverse diabetes, but when push comes to shove, it would appear that there’s an entire “basket,” if you will, of illnesses or “dis-ease” that can be radically turned around through diet and exercise.

I was just watching an amazing interview with a cardiologist named Dr. William Davis who has recently written a book about wheat. The book, Wheat Belly talks about how today’s wheat is NOTHING at all like the types of wheat that was grown many years ago. What Dr. Davis talks about specifically, is the fact that the wheat grown in the US today contains a “new protein” called gliadin (Dr. Davis pronounces it: GLY-uh-din). He says that it stimulates opiate receptors in our brains that increases our appetites.

He says that by doing as little as REMOVING wheat from the diet people are healing and reversing everything from diabetes to

So, WHAT do we eat? Well, remember that article I mentioned about real, whole foods in another article? Well, Dr. Davis says to think “Single Ingredient Food.” For quite some time now I’ve been looking at food labels, and if there are ingredients I can’t pronounce or don’t recognize, I don’t buy it. He’s saying to take it to a whole different level. For example, how many “ingredients” are in a tomato? Or a strawberry? Avocado? Cabbage? Lentil? Almond? You get the picture.

It makes sense, don’t you think?

He calls modern wheat a “perfect, chronic poison.” He is adament about getting rid of ALL wheat. He does NOT say to eat “whole wheat.” It doesn’t matter. This is serious stuff folks…

The raw foodists know this… the modern, forward-thinking doctors and natural health experts know this.

So why don’t we listen? Why do we continue to poison ourselves AND our children with this crap? Sorry for the vulgur wording folks, but I’m ON FIRE about this. This is important.

I believe the words that I heard someone say the other day (wish I could remember the source) – something like the media (advertising) convinces us of what we should be eating, and then pharmaceuticals treat the results…

So, what this Dr. Davis is saying makes a TON of sense to me. I’m willing to give it a try – just to see how I feel if I go for a while without eating anything with “modern wheat” in it. He is pointing to THOUSANDS – not DOZENS of cases where people are giving up their diabetes medications, tossing their arthritis meds, losing a ton of weight, and on and on.

People: if you are even remotely concerned about developing diabetes, or if you want to help yourself heal from it, or you want your joints to feel better, or you just want to drop a few pounds, isn’t it worth a few weeks of your life to see if removing wheat from your diet helps you feel better?

Food for thought.


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