Good Foods to Eat

You know something, even if you don’t have some debilitating or chronic illness like type-2 diabetes, or “pre-diabetes” it is just making more and more sense – at least to me – that there are just some foods that are better for us.

I’ll have another page dedicated to foods we should avoid (as if you don’t already know!). But for now, let’s concentrate on some of the goodies.

It pretty much begins with anything “live, leafy, and colorful.” And I’ll bet you already know what I’m going to talk about, don’t you! If you move around this website at all, you’ll see mention of this stuff elsewhere – and there’s no shortage of this info on the web. You’ll see some of my own recipes that I make on a regular basis.

It’s been a little while since I started this blog, so maybe this is a good time to kind of summarize what I’ve been learning, as well as some of the results I’ve been noticing.

There is one other thing that I want to point out: I speak from experience when I say that making some of these changes has been a challenge for me personally. There are things that, frankly, I find really difficult to give up in my diet. I won’t go into that specifically right now, because some of it’s pretty embarrassing. It’s like: I KNOW BETTER but I still consume some of these things anyway.

So, I’m not perfect. But, I’ve definitely been getting better. And here are some of the things I’ve been doing that I feel are good for me, and that you may find are helpful to you as well.

We have begun to ensure that at nearly every meal, there are “live foods” – whether it’s a colorful salad, our favorite kale salad, our Asian style cole slaw (no mayonnaise or fat whatsoever), we really enjoy adding these items.

Our cooked veggies are lightly steamed – and we concentrate on broccoli as our primary steamed vegetable.

You may have seen the recipe for our yummy spinach and lentil meal. This is now pretty much a staple, and it’s vegan.

We aren’t vegetarians yet (although it certainly looks as though we’re leaning that way more and more) – but we have been using more plant based proteins like sprouted raw almonds, chia seeds (in my “green drink”), lean turkey breast in our chef salads, legume-based soups (one of our favorites is our yellow split-pea soup).

There’s a LOT more – and I’ll add more to this post soon!

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