Thoughts on Going More “Plant Based” in my Diet

I absolutely LOVE the mix of tomato and avocado! Just delicious!For a number of weeks now, I have been heeding a lot of the advice of the alternative doctors who are advocating for a more “plant-based” diet (versus the standard American diet). Admittedly, I have a long way to go. BUT, I can tell you that I have been juicing and “smoothy-ing” nearly every day.

I’m actually beginning to see some results. Seriously.

Ok, for starters, let me tell you what a typical “juice” is – I’ve changed it a little bit over the course of these last couple of weeks after reading through Matt Traverso’s book that I talk about at the review page for Reverse Diabetes Now! – AND I’ve since purchased Dr. Gabriel Cousens’ book (There is a Cure for Diabetes), Living in the Raw by Rose Lee Calabro, and also The pH Miracle by Robert O. Young, Ph.D. (Dr. Young’s book was highly recommended by Matt, and I’m very intrigued by the idea of eating higher pH foods.).

So, at first, my juice was pretty heavy on the carrots and apples. I’ve since cut WAY back on both, considering the high sugar content of these foods.

Now that I’m reading Dr. Cousens’ book, I’m making the “base” of my juice more celery and cucumber, based on his recommendations. Right now we have tons of tomatoes in the garden, so I’m adding that as well (also recommended). I’ve been throwing in some yellow squash since we seem to have an overabundance of those! 🙂

After juicing the foods – along with stems of Kale, I move over to my smoothie maker.

In the smoothie maker, I LOAD it with Kale greens. According to a table in Dr. Cousens’ book, kale is king as far as nutrient density is concerned – the actual chart in the book is one made by another forward-thinking doctor, Dr. Joel Furman. I’m amazed at how much kale I’ve been eating over these last few weeks! And one of the best things about it is it is CHEAP! 🙂

So, after I pack as much kale as I can into my smoothie blender, I add the fresh juice – about 2 cups of it (the rest I drink on its own). I have been blending the kale down until it’s pretty tiny.

When I drink the mix – as well as the JUICE – I am following Dr. Cousens’ advice to “chew” the juice and smoothie so that my saliva can get to work on its part of the digestive process. In other words, I’m not “gulping” the stuff.

I have noticed that “eating” these juices and smoothies, along with a handful of sprouted almonds, has been extremely sustaining to me! I have been feeling far more focused and motivated in general. This is pretty exciting for me!

As I said earlier in this article, I’m still a long way off from how I want to feel and look, but I have a good start! There can be no doubt as to the value of becoming more plant-based in our approach to diet and health. I’m still eating meat – I haven’t gone totally vegetarian (at least not yet), but I would have to say that my vegetable intake has increased in a way I never would have thought possible.

Oh, one more thing I notice: When I’m on the road and eating the “old” way – I’m exhausted! Seriously… I need a nap after eating a burger or some junk.

Interesting, no?

Stay tuned… there’s more coming!


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